Garden of Eden

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In the current context focused on excessive and unsustainable consumerism, Devamı

The biblical Tree of knowledge of good and evil, with a succulent apple. The golden cubic base (similar to citrine crystal), represent the precious and unspoiled lands of the Eden. The Tree is elongated into a horizontal vector, in a snake like shape, cunning and deceiving, facilitating the temptation and providing an easily obtained sinful golden apple. A fallen red apple lay on the ground. The sin of corruption has lifted and was restored to normality.
Garden Of Eden: 105 cm x 30 cm x 63 cm

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In the current context focused on excessive and unsustainable consumerism, the 21st Century welcomes us with a Darwinian transformation for both men and nature. Evolution which leads to the development of a synthetic man living in a synthetic nature. Heavy topics as regeneration and sustainable environment are thrown into the arms of the future generations, that have not been born yet. Thus, the artist’s creations highlight the synthesis through alternative materials used, such as: synthetic marble (resin and marble dust), synthetic resin (Plexiglass), synthetic cement (Jesmonite), charcoal, wood, and so on. His works have a powerful conceptual plasticity but also physical plasticity, a concept that can be interpreted as modern works of the 21st Century.
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