Dunes Lost ın Desert

Handmade One Of A Kınd

The sculptural group “Abstract Isometry” has been gravitating around the theme of fragmentation, slicing of the Earth and plasticity Devamı

The bedrock of water, holding like an Atlas on its shoulder – dry sand. Humanity do not fully comprehend the critical importance of water. It is not about wealth, about differences between classes, it is simply about life. Without it, there is none. A beautiful relationship between movement and instability, between forever an éphémère. The artwork has exposed a slice of geology, unsustainability between the bedrock of water that support the fragile land (desert), cannot be permanent. The artist has augmented this complex picture with the figurative silhouette located at the top of the dunes; surreal figure leaving a ghostly trails of footsteps behind.
Dunes: Lost in Desert: 30 cm x 19 cm

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