Gemma Outdoor Dining Table For 8

Gemma Outdoor Dining Table For 8

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Gemma Collection, strong lines; by synthesizing its rounded lines and comfort, permeates the entire design and deepens your open space experience.... Devamı

About The Product

    • The dining table set consists of a table and 8 chairs.  
    • It is handmade.  
    • It is produced from acrylic yarn and aluminum special for outdoor.  
    • Powder coated aluminum frame is used.  
    • The aluminum frame is rustproof and resistant to outdoor conditions.  
    • The top of the table is formed by the combination of ceramic powders.  
    • The fabrics used in the cushion are water-repellent and resistant to UV rays. 
    • The cushion covers can be removed thanks to the zippers, and it is recommended to wash at 40 degrees when necessary.  
    • It is recommended to use SNOC outdoor furniture protection covers.  
    • Seat and back cushions are included in the product.  
    • Decorative accessories in the image are not included in the product. • It is imported.

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Gemma Table: 240 cm x 100 cm x 75 cm

Gemma Chair: 63 cm x 64 cm x 78.5 cm

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Product's Story

Gemma Collection, strong lines; by synthesizing its rounded lines and comfort, permeates the entire design and deepens your open space experience. Collection; sitting group, table group and While offering a functional product range consisting of concrete coffee tables, with its form and structural features, creates its own concept by completely breaking traditional and modern design perceptions. completely hand knit The Gemma Collection sitting group elements with a skeleton system create an elegant and sophisticated trace in the visual. leaving. The design intelligence that blends light but durable, strong but elegant ends also stands out. taking it out. With its aluminum material that is not affected by weather changes, it is outdoors for 4 seasons. Gemma Collection, with its comfortable and soft textured cushions, while bringing home comfort; with its rounded lines, the organic release of nature to your garden, patio and invites you to your various outdoor setups. Gemma table group and concrete stands; original lines and With its solid structures, it finds a place in the collection and makes the general design language clearer. It makes your accent stronger. With the Gemma Collection, SNOC brings you the conventional design perception. for another open space setup that completely breaks and combines modernity with comfort and design intelligence. will present a special composition.