Gommaıre - Fıona Dınıng Chaır

32.400 TL

Belçikalı tasarımcı Gommaire Cleyberg tarafından İskandinav dizayn kodları ile tasarlanan Carol; temiz çizgilere ve modern hatlara sahip Continiue

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  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified Teak wood is used.
  • It is suitable for outdoor use with long-term and professional baking and drying systems.Synthetin rattan is knitted by hand.
  • The fabrics used in the cushion are water-repellent and resistant to UV rays.
  • The cushion covers can be removed thanks to the zippers, and it is recommended to wash at 40 degrees when necessary.
  • Session cushion is included in the product.
  • Imported.

Fiona Dininig Armchair: 55 cm x 61 cm x 83 cm

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Product Story

SNOC processes elegance with the latest design principles in Carol, which melts sophisticated details with minimalist lines. Carol, designed by Belgian designer Gommaire Cleyberg with Scandinavian design codes, has clean lines and modern lines. As the design goes deep into details, the balanced setup of its simplicity and order, as a beautiful representation of the Scandinavian culture to which it belongs, immediately draws attention. The contrast between the thinly curved teak frame, modular lines, and seat pads further emphasizes Carol's design thinking. The combination of natural teak material and the seat pad not only captures an aesthetic context but also offers you the striking comfort area with a four- season usage opportunity regardless of weather changes and time. Carol, consisting of a seating group and a chaise longue, with all its details, has a design approach that gives importance to human scale and ergonomics and will provide you with a high level of comfort above your expectations. Carol, at your garden, terraces, winter garden, and all open spaces will create an excellent resting area with high and clean energy.
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Fiona Dininig Armchair: 55 cm x 61 cm x 83 cm


Gommaire - Fiona Kollu Sandalye