it's a living thing!

Teak is a hardwood with a high natural oil content. This makes it durable, highly resistant to rot, but also resistant to sun and rain. The combination of these properties makes Teak wood ideal for all outdoor applications. Only premium grown teak is used for the production of Snoc furniture. The features of top quality teak wood are straight grained structure, no cracks or cracks, and the only color that spreads throughout the wood.These properties combined with the high density of the wood prevent bending and rotting, ensuring that the furniture remains outside in all conditions without maintenance or preservatives.



However, just like any wood species, teak is a living material and therefore temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause surface cracking and especially end veins. This is normal and does not affect the durability or strength of the wood.




When left outdoors, untreated teak will adapt to external factors over the years and will occasionally wash with warm soapy water for the color and slipperiness of the wood, turning into an attractive silver gray.

Still, untreated teak is stain resistant. If you want to fully protect your teak wood furniture against stains, you can apply the care kit. This is an invisible layer that will allow your furniture to turn into a beautiful silvery gray while preventing any liquid from penetrating the wood.

You can also choose to oil your furniture.


For daily care

You can wipe it with soapy water with a damp cloth or sponge.

However, if you choose to apply protective teak oil to your teak furniture, we recommend that you lightly sand the furniture before applying the oil.

For stubborn stains

If your furniture is stained, you can use one of the following options:

If oil stains have formed on the furniture: It is a natural feature of Teak wood and the oil stains gradually disappear after exposure to sunlight. However, if you want to remove these stains, we recommend that you use a degreaser and rub gently with a brush. Rinse it off with clean water. Permanent oil stains can be removed using a mixture of bleach, natural soap and water.

If there are mold or black spots on your furniture
This was usually made up of dark patches of rainwater or sometimes dripping from the leaves of the trees onto the wood. For the health of your furniture, we recommend that you do not place your furniture under trees. However, these marks can be removed by lightly sanding with fine sandpaper.

It should not be forgotten that wood is a natural material with its unique features. Wood, color and other variations are inherent in wood. We believe these flaws will only add to the appeal of your furniture. Since wood is a living product, it will be affected by its environment.

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