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Shadow Outdoor Umbrella

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Shadow Umbrella, formed by UV-resistant fabric and aluminum blend, will add integrity to your garden furniture with its functionality and design. It will protect you in the best way from harmful sun rays.
About product
  • Powder coated aluminum frame is used.
  • The aluminum frame is rustproof and resistant to outdoor conditions.
  • 4 pieces can be opened with a steel rope and a special mechanism under the umbrella stand. It can be easily moved thanks to its wheel.
  • Can rotate 360 degrees around its axis.
  • The awning can be adjusted up to 90 degrees.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • Umbrella stand It can be filled with water or sand, and it can be emptied easily thanks to the drain plug on the bottom.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Using SNOC outdoor protection cover is recommended.
  • It is an imported product.
  • It is recommended to keep it closed in stormy weather.
Product size
Shadow Outdoor Umbrella: 300 cm x 300 cm
Stock information

This product will be back in stock on August of 30. You can contact our costumer representatives to get information about the subject.


Aluminum Products:

-Suitable for outdoor use.

-Spillable liquids should not be left on.

-Abrasive surface cleaning products should not be used.

-It is recommended to use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt.

-Surface cleaning should be done with a dry or damp soft cloth.

-Using SNOC outdoor furniture protection covers recommended.

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