San Jose Coffe Table Set


San Jose Coffe Table Set

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San Jose Coffee Table Set; It will refresh the atmosphere of your living space with its geometric design and warm tones of wood, made of FSC certified acacia wood. While it will allow you to use it for many years with its acacia tree suitable for 4 seasons, it will fill the design gap in your environment and will be a complementary element of your furniture.  
About product
  • It is handmade.
  • Its made of acasia wood for outdoor conditions.
  • It is suitable for outdoor use with long-term and professional curing and drying systems.
  • Forest Stwardship Council (FSC) certified acacia tree was used.
  • It is recommended to use SNOC covers.
  • Imported.
Product size

San Jose Small Coffee Table: 30 Ø cm x 40 cm

San Jose Medium Coffee Table: 40 Ø cm x 50 cm

San Jose Large Coffee Table: 50 Ø cm x 60 cm


Wood Products:


-Suitable for outdoor use.

-It is recommended to use SNOC wood care products.

-Abrasive surface cleaning products should not be used.

-The fabric suitable for outdoor use is resistant to fading and staining.

-Surface cleaning should be done with a dry or damp soft cloth.

-It should be covered or stored indoors during the winter and/or in bad weather conditions.

-Fabric and furniture must be completely dry during storage.

-SNOC outdoor furniture protection It is recommended to use cases.

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