Hetta Square Outdoor Firepit

Hetta Square Outdoor Firepit

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Hetta integrates traditional and modern art with functionality, aesthetics, nature and gathers them around the power element- fire.... Devamı

About The Product

    • It is made of stainless steel and concrete material.
    • Concrete material is resistant to weather conditions and stains.
    • The fireplace can also be used as a coffee table.
    • Steel caps can be used to quickly extinguish the fire.
    • Grill is not included in the product.
    • Imported.

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Hetta Firepit: 120 cm x 120 cm x 40 cm

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TESLİMAT: Siparişini vermiş olduğunuz ürünler ödeme onayı alındıktan sonra takip eden 5 iş günü içerisinde teslim edilir. Eğer ürün tarafımızdan İstanbul içi olarak teslimat yapılacaksa müşteri ile iletişime geçilip teslimat tarihi ve saati için randevu alınacaktır. İstanbul dışı teslimatlar da 5 iş günü içerisinde sevkiyat aracına yüklenecek ve müşteriye bilgisi iletilecektir.

 İADE: Satın aldığınız ürünü teslimat tarihinden itibaren 14 gün içerisinde iade edebilirsiniz. Genel iade koşulları şöyledir; İade edilecek ürünler mutlaka orijinal kutu veya ambalajı ile gönderilmelidir. Kullanılmış ürünlerin iadesi kabul edilmemektedir. İade edeceğiniz ürün ile orijinal fatura ve iade sebebini içeren bir talep göndermeniz gerekmektedir.

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Product's Story

Hetta integrates traditional and modern art with functionality, aesthetics, nature and gathers them around the power element- fire. Hetta, which synthesizes the superior materials and quality with the unifying power of fire, is not just a fireplace or an industrial product. It is an exceptional design piece registered as Community Design. Hetta combines the durableness of high-quality steel and concrete in a perfect balance, offering all seasons round of use. As you go into the details of Hetta, you can quickly realize its technical and aesthetic intelligence that makes easier usage in every piece. The clever design solutions maintain the clean air standards associated with nature. Hetta guarantees the uniqueness of the most contemporary style codes, state-of-the-art production methods, and environmentally friendly and sensitive concepts. Aesthetic details, a choice of forms that will fit perfectly into your open space, and of course, the distinctive SNOC feature: Hetta starts the unifying fire that will never go out to create a deep and warm atmosphere for you and your loved ones in your gardens and terraces.