Design Outdoor Swing


Design Outdoor Swing

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Design Swing adds elegance to your garden with its unique architectural and perfect workmanship design formed by the blend of aluminum and synthetic rattan weave, you will feel free as the breeze while swinging. Ocean Swing will accompany your conversations in your summer and winter garden with its special washable mat that is not affected by UV rays and electrostatic painted stainless aluminum. 

About product


  • It is handmade.
  • Exterior Made from durable synthetic rattan and aluminum.
  • Aluminum frame with powder paint finish
  • The aluminum frame is stainless and resistant to outdoor conditions.
  • The fabrics used in the cushion are water-repellent and resistant to UV rays.
  • SNOC exterior  It is recommended to use space furniture protection covers.
  • Seat and back cushions are included in the product.
  • It has a carrying capacity of up to 150 Kg.
  • Decorative accessories in the image are included in the product. It is not.
  • Imported.
Product size
Design: 98 cm x 78 cm x 210 cm

Aluminum Products:


-Suitable for outdoor use.

-Spillable liquids should not be left on it.

- Abrasive surface cleaning products should not be used.

-It is recommended to use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt.

-Surface cleaning should be done with a dry or damp soft cloth.

-SNOC outdoor furniture protection covers are recommended to be used.


Synthetic Rattan Products:



-Wet cushions should be removed or kept in an upright position to shorten the drying time.

-Abrasive surface cleaning products should not be used.

-Fabric suitable for outdoor use It is resistant to fading and staining.

-Only stained areas should be cleaned with a mild detergent and water.

-It is recommended to use a soft brush to remove dust and dirt.

< p>-The fabric and furniture must be completely dry during the storage process.

-SNOC exterior It is recommended to use space furniture protection covers.

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